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Switch-view privacy smart glass

Switch-view privacy smart glass

Switch-view privacy smart glass


Our privacy glass is a technologically advanced solution for intelligent glass because of its functionality and arrangement possibilities.

This solution allows the transparency of a glass panel to change from opaque/frosted to clear. The technology allows control of the glass from a complete privacy state to full visibility in less than one second.

    Technical Specifications

    Applications (examples)

    • Offices: conference rooms, partition walls in offices, manager’s office, doors, sliding doors, roof lights, projection screens.
    • Residential buildings, houses - modern living spaces, showers
    • Hotels – partition walls between bedroom and bathroom, exterior windows, doors, conference centres, roof windows, bars and restaurants, showers, changing rooms, locker rooms, and many other commercial applications.
    • Stores and shopping centres
    • Public institutions - hospitals (emergency department, ICU, operating room, and all the places where there is a need to apply some privacy), kindergarten, fire doors, stairs and command centres.
    • Transport - privacy and security screens between the passenger and driver, bulletproof glass panels.
    Max. size: 1,800 mm x 4,400 mm
    Thickness: 7.5mm(3+3mm) to 39.5mm(19+19mm)
    Colour: White, with a possibility to use colour laminating films
    Shape: Any, also with holes and notches
    Glass type: Float, tempered, coated, insulated glass
    Power: 65 Volt (± 5 volt), less than 10 watt per sq. m
    Switching time: About 100 ms in a room temperature
    Optical: Light transmission 75%, View angle 150 degrees
    Lifetime: Over 10 years (inside buildings); Over 1 mln cycles (on / off)


    Additional Information

    Advantages of private glass HTG:


    • Functionality: transition from opaque to transparent in milliseconds,
    • Safety and durability: the use of laminated safety glass which could be also tempered (making it more than seven times stronger),
    • Protection: privacy glass can be combined with bulletproof, safety and fireproof glass,
    • Soundproofing: increased noise reduction due to the use of laminated glass,
    • UV control: control of solar energy; exceptional optical quality with excellent light transmission, blocking over 99% of UV rays.


    We offer full technical support to this product.

    HTG Electric Heated Smart Glass comes with the ... years mechanical and ...years electrical warranty as a standard.

    Tested to BS.... and to European CE standards

    Hygiene Certificated and Conformity with EU State Governmental Units

    This is the technical product, so should be only fitted and maintained by the qualified tradesman. Should you need any further assistance with the selection we advise you to gather professional assistance from the architect. Store Brokers Limited does not take any responsibility for any damages or inconvenience caused by wrong product selection and/or any faults from assembly/maintenance.

    All HTG products are manufactured to bespoke order. Please order carefully as no returns are accepted.

    For any questions related to this product, please give us a direct call on:  + 44 20 7193 0026 prior ordering.