Fan Assisted Trench Heater

Fan Assisted Trench Heater

Fan Assisted Trench Heater


Verano has designed, developed and currently manufacture the range of fan assisted trench heaters that provide extreme quick reaction for any change in the ambient temperature. While trench heating primarily has been used for compensating cold downdraught from big glazed facades (i.e. terrace doors, sliding doors etc), it can be now commonly utilised as the efficient alternative to underfloor space heating systems.

Thanks to low thermal inertia, the trench heaters are extremely quick, yet energy efficient where quiet fans can additionally boost distribution of the warm air. Trench heating system allows saving c.a. 20% of the overall running costs for a conventional boiler system, yet can work well with the installation of low water temperatures when for example air to water heat pump is selected.  

To simplify this made to measure product, it comes out in 4 different sizes as complete sets that include:

  • 24 V DC fan assisted trench heater unit – casing, fan, water coil heat-exchanger
  • Grille & frame (in selection as above – natural wood, aluminium, cross-bar/linear)
  • Accessories: Air & dust filter, levelling brackets,
  • Complete set of valves and controllers: wall mounted thermostatic controller, set of valves, transformer
  • Wiring diagrams and manuals, warranty document.  
  • The entire set is ready to fit onsite and plug&play.  

Technical Specifications

Set A is best for the boiler (80/60/20) & room up to 21 m2. Or, best for heat pump (45/35/20) & room up to 8 m2

Set B is best for the boiler (80/60/20) & room up to 31 m2. Or best for heat pump (45/35/20) & room up to 12 m2

Set C is best for the boiler (80/60/20) & room up to 41 m2. Or best for heat pump (45/35/20) & room up to 15 m2

Set D is best for the boiler (80/60/20) & room up to 51 m2. Or best for heat pump (45/35/20) & room up to 19 m2

Additional Information

All sets come with the decorative frame made of aluminium in two variants to choose from. 


We offer full technical support to this product.

Verano fan assisted trench heater comes with the 7 years mechanical and 2 years electrical warranty as a standard.

Tested to BS16430, and to European CE standards

Hygiene Certificated and Conformity with EU State Governmental Units

This is the technical product, so should be only fitted and maintained by the qualified tradesman. Should you need any further assistance with the selection we advise you to gather professional assistance from the architect. Store Brokers Limited does not take any responsibility for any damages or inconvenience caused by wrong product selection and/or any faults from assembly/maintenance.

All Verano products are manufactured to bespoke order. Please order carefully as no returns are accepted.

For any questions related to this product, please give us a direct call on:  + 44 20 7193 0026 prior ordering.