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Electric heated smart glass

Electric heated smart glass

Electric heated smart glass


Electrically heated glass is an innovative product that is a great heating alternative for any season. Our heated glass has a special coating which works as a heating element, letting in as much light as traditional glass would, but at the same time being more energy efficient.

Heat loss is reduced by up to 70% making the interior environment much more comfortable and cosier. This heated glass overcomes the problems and discomfort caused by older IR heated glass products and can be installed in all standard glazing systems made of wood, plastic, aluminium or steel.

    Technical Specifications


    • roof windows
    • facades
    • conservatories
    • glazing commercial buildings
    • performance and sports halls, swimming pools
    • hotels and restaurants
    • hospitals
    • museums
    • banks 

    Max. size: 3,300 mm x 2,440 mm

    Thickness: from 3 mm to 300 mm (multi-layer laminated glass)

    Colour: Wide range of colour laminating films

    Allowed: Screen printing, sandblasting, inkjet printing

    Shape: any, including holes and notches

    Glass type: float, tempered, coated, insulated glass

    Power:12 - 380 V A.C. / D.C.


    Additional Information

    Advantages of heated glass HTG:


    • single or additional heating source,
    • full transparency,
    • insulation against heat losses,
    • many opportunities to combine with other HTG products including the privacy glass

    Durability: due to the tempering process, laminating and ecological materials used, installation does not require any maintenance,

    Sound insulation: reduction of noise in a room,

    Innovative factors: works with the addition of an alarm system senor, high power, even heat distribution over the surface of a glass panel of up to 80 ° C


    We offer full technical support to this product.

    HTG Electric Heated Smart Glass comes with the ... years mechanical and ...years electrical warranty as a standard.

    Tested to BS.... and to European CE standards

    Hygiene Certificated and Conformity with EU State Governmental Units

    This is the technical product, so should be only fitted and maintained by the qualified tradesman. Should you need any further assistance with the selection we advise you to gather professional assistance from the architect. Store Brokers Limited does not take any responsibility for any damages or inconvenience caused by wrong product selection and/or any faults from assembly/maintenance.

    All HTG products are manufactured to bespoke order. Please order carefully as no returns are accepted.

    For any questions related to this product, please give us a direct call on:  + 44 20 7193 0026 prior ordering.